Story Time Blanket - Girl

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Our NEW "Story Time" blankets are so special! You can personalize them with your child's name. We really know how much of an impact bedtime reading with your child can be. We wanted to make it where not only does your child get to have their very special book read to them, it's about them in a magical bedtime story. Plus they get to snuggle their favorite story all night long. Best of BOTH worlds.

The Full Story....(bold words are graphics on blanket)

High above the restless SEA stands a magical CASTLE in the mystical sugarloaf FORREST. If you look closely, you can see the beautiful PRINCESS Harlow in the CASTLE'S WINDOW. Beside her is her very best friend. The cutest little RAINBOW UNICORN. They LOVE to play, laugh & share their LOVE of the SEA. They often watched the rocky shoreline, searching for the pretty MERMAIDS at play. Their days are filled with joy. Every evening, when the SUN goes down PRINCESS Harlow looks forward to visiting the land of dreams. Her bedroom was so dreamy and overlooks moonbeam LAKE. The little princess LOVES to watch the MOON light dance across the water. This is where she sees the tiny pixie FAIRIES gathering the sleepy time dust from the pretty FLOWERS around the lake. The little PRINCESS dances to her fluffy BED & waits for her parents to tuck her in for the night. Their bedtime STORIES are the best & always send her off to dreamy dreamland. In the land of DREAMS, she plays among the glittering STARS, bounces through the cotton candy CLOUDS & swims at the lagoon with the pretty little MERMAIDS...all night long. Goodnight sweet princess, may all your dreams come true.

Story Credits...Neecee Daugherty & Savanna Woodruff

Front of the blanket will have the main design and the back will have a beige minky back.

Small 29x39

Medium 50x60

Large 60x80

(sizes may vary per design)

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