Name Art Doodle Minky Blankets - for Boys

$ 85.00
Please refer to the Graphics pic when choosing your Graphics. You can choose up to 8 Graphics in all. Please type in the number and name of the graphics below.
Designer will choose complimenting accents to add to the graphics chosen.
Please choose up to 3 main color options. Designer will choose complimenting colors that match graphics for additional coloring.
Choose up to two names.

We are so excited to be offering our “Name Art Doodle” blankets. They are so fun to create and each one is so unique. 

You can choose up to “8” Graphics and “3” main Colors to make your special blanket perfect, just for you!!! 

The front of the blanket will have up to two names with the font chosen by you.

The back of the blanket is a beige Minky back.

Additional accents will be chosen by the artist to best fit all options chosen. 

This blanket comes with a complete raw sewn edge around the whole blanket.

Refer to the pictures when choosing graphic and color choices. If you would like a different graphic, you may choose any on the website. Just include in notes in detail which graphics you would like to add. Not all are listed here. We are happy to add different ones for you.

***More customizing is available on request  if you would like new graphics, a specific background color, accent color or a themed blanket, please email us for more info. Additional costs may apply.

Now available in 3 sizes.

Small 29x39

Medium 50x60

Large 60x80

(sizes may vary per design)


———>>>PLEASE READ....These are completely custom and take some time to create. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. 

***No refunds for personalized items.