See a Proof

$ 10.00
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This is NOT for requesting a PROOF. Please view our proof option for details.

Do you want to see a proof of your item before we make it? We can do that. Once you add your blanket to the cart, just add this "See a Proof" to the cart too and we will make a proof and email it to you before we print up your blanket. If you already purchased a blanket and want to see a proof, just purchase this proof separately.

Proof will be sent in the order of how they come in. Purchasing a proof does not accelerate your order or shipping turnaround.


*1 purchase needed per each proof requested. If you are buying multiple blankets, please let us know which one you would like a proof for. If you want to see a proof for more than one, you will need to purchase an additional proof. (up to two changes will be aloud for any proofs and then additional costs will be required)

** DO NOT purchase a proof alone. You must have a product purchase included in your order or have already purchased a item. We will not provide any proofs without a purchase being made.

***Please be sure to choose the correct. If you do not choose the correct one, we will have to invoice you for the additional cost.

****When purchasing a proof for a Name Art blanket...please note that these are to view before they are printed and sewed and to make minor color changes only or to proof spelling of the name. We cannot change graphic placement after its made. Minor color changes are possible, but that is it. If you really want a graphic change, there will be an additional fee as these are completely custom and take time to make. A lot of steps go into making these and changes are not easily made. If you are wanting something specific, please email us immediately after purchase so we can make notes on your requests.

DISCOUNT CODES ARE NOT VALID ON A PROOF PURCHASE! We will not provide a proof if a discount is used. If you have a code and would like to use it on your blanket, please do TWO separate transactions. Thank you.