Story Time Blanket - Boy

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Our NEW "Story Time" blankets are so special! You can personalize them with your child's name. We really know how much of an impact bedtime reading with your child can be. We wanted to make it where not only does your child get to have their very special book read to them, it's about them in a magical bedtime story. Plus they get to snuggle their favorite story all night long. Best of BOTH worlds.

The Full Story....(bold words are graphics on blanket)

In the land of imagination lived a very special little BOY named, Brayden. His mind was always so busy and filled with notions. You could see the WHEELS turning in his mind, as he plotted every new adventure. Brayden was all BOY! He lived on a FARM, so he had adventures every day. There were days he would pretend to be a pirate on a big pirate SHIP in the restless SEA. Instead of riding on the TRACTOR helping plow the fields! When he watered the garden, he would pretend to be a FIREMAN, saving BUILDINGS & CATS in the TREES. Caring for the animals on the family farm, meant he could DREAM of being a zoo keeper some day.  His parents encouraged him to DREAM BIG with their bedtime stories. He loved that they tucked him in bed every night. Bedtime, meant more new ADVENTURES in dreamland. He dreamt of ROCKET SHIPS & ASTRONAUTS, racing through the planets or floating through the Milky Way. As a super hero, he wore a big cape, & rescued people and their pets from danger. His ADVENTURES were endless in the land of DREAMS and he LOVED every dreamy moment. One of his favorite dreams was riding his DIRT BIKE off road, performing tricks and jumps for his fans. Good night & sleep tight sweet boy...for tomorrow will bring many more adventures.

Story Credit...Neecee Daugherty

This blanket has two layers and is double sided with a complete raw sewn edge around the whole blanket. The back is baby with swiss crosses.

Small 34x29

Large 42x35

X- Large 46x38

Giant 58X70

(sizes may vary slightly depending on design)

Fabric : Jersey Knit 6 oz weight per yard

***No refunds for personalized items.

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