Discounted Exclusive Patterns

$ 10.00
*One Name Only
See photo when choosing.
Include # & name of design in box below.
Only White is available for this listing. you can get all of our exclusive designs at a discounted price. And yes, you can personalize it too!!! 

All designs may have ONE name added only and will have a WHITE background.  

Available in....

  1. Small Minky Blanket - 39x29
  2. Medium Minky Blanket - 60x50
  3. Large Minky Blanket - 80x60
  4. Comfort Jersey Knit Blanket - 19x15
  5. Small Jersey Knit Blanket - 34x29 
  6. Large Jersey Knit Blanket - 42x35
  7. X-Large Jersey Knit Blanket - 46x38
  8. Lap Jersey Knit Blanket - 48x58
  9. Pillow case - Standard Size
  10. Pillow case - Travel/Child Size
  11. Towel - 30x60

1-3...come with the design only on the front and a buttery soft beige minky on the backs.

4-8....come in a super soft jersey knit on both sides and are sewn all the way around with a raw sewn edge. 

9-10...Our pillow cases come completely finished with the opening facing the right side (when looking at it from the front of the case). a large, soft towel. It has the design on one side and a white terry on the back.

Please see photos when choosing your design. You will not be able to choose a different font for these patterns. And all designs will have a WHITE background only.

*Please Note...we can only add ONE name on these designs. If you add two, we will only add the first name added. If choosing a Minky blanket, it will have a beige Minky back. Minky color cannot be changed.

 **Font color cannot be changed. It will be as shown on the design examples only.

***NO DISCOUNTS OR REFUNDS will be available for this listing. We have these at a low price already and cannot offer this. Please do not ask. Orders made with this listing using a discount will be canceled.