Enchanted Castle Watch Me Grow Blanket

$ 50.00
Size: Medium Minky

Everyone loves cherishing the memories of their little ones hitting their milestones. Have you ever wanted a cool background for your pics? These blankets are perfect to cozy up to and to use for saving those special memories. The best part, you can use them for years to come. We offer them with weeks, months and years.

This blanket is double the fun for photos. Use the front for milestones and you can use the beige minky back of the blanket for other photo days. It makes a great back drop for any photo.

*The front background of the blanket is white. The back of the blanket is a super soft beige Minky. Available in one size only. This blanket comes in a Medium Minky measuring 50x60. This size is perfect for your growing baby.

Did we mention that we can personalize them too? Yep! Add your little ones name to make it even more special!


These blankets are so fun. You can edit them by adding props to the blanket itself or take the pics as is and edit in your text and doodles using your favorite apps! Endless possibilities.


(sizes may vary depending on design)

Fabric : Jersey Knit 6 oz weight per yard