Family Blankets

$ 30.00

We love our "Family Blankets" and know you will too! We design each one with your help. You get to choose your favorite font, font color, and then personalize it with your favorite names too  

These blankets are perfect for grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and even favorite teachers too!!! Just choose the name you would like displayed large in the middle on the heart, then add the names you would like in the background  

For example: Grammy is on the heart and her grandchildren cover the whole background design  

Available in....

  1. Small Minky Blanket - 39x29
  2. Medium Minky Blanket - 60x50
  3. Large Minky Blanket - 80x60
  4. Comfort Jersey Knit Blanket - 19x15
  5. Small Jersey Knit Blanket - 34x29 
  6. Large Jersey Knit Blanket - 42x35
  7. X-Large Jersey Knit Blanket - 46x38

1-3...come with the design only on the front and a buttery soft beige Minky on the backs.

4-7....come in a super soft jersey knit on both sides and are sewn all the way around with a raw sewn edge. 

 Please see photos when choosing color and graphic choices.

***NO refunds for personalized items.