Name Tag Blankets & More

$ 30.00
Up to TWO names only.
Please type in ONE color only.
Refer to color chart for choices.
Please choose ONE color for the blankets background.
Refer to color chart for choices.

Our "Name Tag" designs are a perfect way to personalize a special product just for you or even to give as a gift. We offer these in a variety of products as well as onesies and tees for all ages. 

TWO Name tags available to make personalizing these even more fun.

  • MY NAME IS - of course add a name, nickname, last this one.
  • I AM - the baby, a princess, new here, a prince, a rebel....get fun with this one. Choose something unique, fun or crazy for this one!

You can even choose your NAME TAG color! When choosing the color please keep in mind that the font for the name will also be the SAME color as the NAME TAG unless otherwise requested in notes. If for any reason, we feel the color is too light and hard to see, we will darken the tone of the color a bit to make it more visible.

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Available in....

  1. Small Minky Blanket - 39x29
  2. Medium Minky Blanket - 60x50
  3. Large Minky Blanket - 80x60
  4. Comfort Jersey Knit Blanket - 19x15
  5. Small Jersey Knit Blanket - 34x29 
  6. Large Jersey Knit Blanket - 42x35
  7. X-Large Jersey Knit Blanket - 46x38
  8. Fabric By the Yard - 58x36
  9. Pillow case - Standard Size
  10. Pillow case - Travel/Child Size
  11. Trendy Cover
  12. Towel - 30x60

1-3...come with the design only on the front and a buttery soft beige minky on the backs.

4-7....come in a super soft jersey knit on both sides and are sewn all the way around with a raw sewn edge. 

8...our fabric by the yard will come as 1 large piece of fabric. If you buy more than one yard, the fabric will be a continuous piece much like a bold you would find in the stores.

9-10...Our pillow cases come completely finished with the opening facing the right side (when looking at it from the front of the case). our Trendy can be used on baby carriers, grocery cart seat covers, high chair covers, swings and for use in breastfeeding. a large, soft towel. It has the design on one side and a white terry on the back.

Please see photos when choosing color and design choices. You will not be able to choose a different font for these patterns.

*Please Note...we can only add up to TWO NAMES on these designs with no more than 20 characters. If you have a special request for more, please specify in notes and we will try to accomodate. If choosing a Minky blanket, it will have a beige Minky back. Minky color cannot be changed.

 **BACKGROUND color of this blanket should be lighter or darker than the NAME TAG COLOR. Please DO NOT choose the same color or something too similar. It will take away from the cool NAME TAG look. Colors may be adjusted slightly if we feel they need a little change to give the best visual of your design. But don't worry, we will contact you if we are concerned with any color choices made.

***NO refunds for personalized items. Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing. If you need sooner, please see our RUSH options.

This is a new products. So please enjoy our mock pics until we get some more pics added. xoxo