Walk in the Garden

$ 65.00
Please add up to 4 names or words separating with a comma or type NO TEXT.
If chooisng NO TEXT, the design will be flowers and stripes only with NO text.

We are so excited about our "Walk in the Garden" design.  It's one of the cutest custom name blankets you will ever have! Choose your favorite color option below and also choose your favorite background color too!

You can choose...

  • to add up to 4 names
  • to add up to 4 words
  • to add a mix of words and names
  • or no text at all

With the option to add in your own words and names, the personalized customization for this blanket is endless. See photos for some examples we have already made.

    Available in...

    1. Small Minky Blanket - 39x29
    2. Medium Minky Blanket - 60x50
    3. Large Minky Blanket - 80x60
    4. Comfort Jersey Knit Blanket - 19x15
    5. Small Jersey Knit Blanket - 34x29 
    6. Large Jersey Knit Blanket - 42x35
    7. X-Large Jersey Knit Blanket - 46x38
    8. Doll/Preemie Swaddle - 28x28
    9. Standard Swaddle - 36x36
    10. Ultimate Swaddle - 48x48
    11. Fabric By the Yard - 58x36
    12. Pillowcase - Standard Size
    13. Pillowcase - Travel/Child Size
    14. Trendy Cover
    15. Towel - 30x60

    1-3...come with the design only on the front and a buttery soft beige Minky on the backs.

    4-10....come in a super soft jersey knit on both sides and are sewn all the way around with a raw sewn edge. 

    11...our fabric by the yard will come as 1 large piece of fabric. If you buy more than one yard, the fabric will be a continuous piece much like a bold you would find in the stores. Made with our jersey knit fabric.

    12-13...Our pillowcases come completely finished with the opening facing the right side (when looking at it from the front of the case). Made from our jersey knit fabric.

    14...is our Trendy Cover...it can be used on baby carriers, grocery cart seat covers, high chair covers, swings and for use in breastfeeding.

    15....is a large, soft towel. It has the design on one side and a white terry on the back.

    Please see photos when choosing a color and design choices. You will not be able to choose a different font for these patterns.

    *Please Note...we can only add ONE name on these designs. If you add two, we will only add the first name added. If choosing a Minky blanket, it will have a beige Minky back. Minky color cannot be changed.

    ***NO refunds for personalized items.