Wood Fairy Doors

$ 10.00

Do you believe in Fairies? We do and they told us a secret. They said they wished they could live in and around your home or garden. All they need is a special fairy door from Trendy Treehouse, colored and decorated by you so they can move in.

We have 9 fairy doors you can choose from. (see photos for choices) Pick your favorite one and we will send it to you to color and put somewhere at your home. We’ve been told that some fairies live inside and some love to be outside too. Some love really colorful doors and some love to have their doors to be hidden out in nature. They are all excited to see how you decorate them. 

Once your fairy doors are decorated and in place, you may or may not see fairies come to play. They are very shy little creatures. So just in case you don’t see them, just know that they are so happy you made a special door for them and can’t wait to move in. 

Product Details 

  • Material - 1/8” Baltic Birch Wood
  • Each door is 5 1/2“ - 6” high and vary in width. 
  • Each door has design details engraved into the wood. 

You will need paint and other supplies for decorating your fairy doors. This product does not include those items, just an unpainted wooden door. 

Decorating ideas

  • Paint your door with acrylic paint.
  • Use paint markers or sharpies.
  • Add moss, leaves, rocks, ribbons, banners or other items to add dimension to your door.
  • Add little flower pots, chairs, benches or other small furniture next to your door to make your fairies feel more at home. 

Don’t forget to share your completed fairy door photos with us so we can see how cool they are. You can email photos to trendytreehouse@me.com or tag us on our Instagram @trendytreehouse too!