7 TIPS for the best DIY Hospital newborn pics

Use Window lighting.... hospital rooms are so dark. Leave the camera flash behind and raise the blinds. Roll the crib over near the window. It's amazing how the natural light will help show off your babes beautiful complexion. Take photos from above... to get the best angle, grab a chair to stand on and shoot your baby from above. This will give you the best angle and the blanket will serve as a nice backdrop. The foot of mamas bed is the perfect spot for this and can also allow an older sibling to lay next to their new baby brother or sister. Swaddle baby... don't worry about positioning baby. Babies love when they are wrapped up tight. Wrap them up and start snapping pics. Babies will feel secure and you will get some great shots. Don't move baby, move yourself... baby is content, so after you get those above shots, move around and zoom in on the details. Get those tiny toes peeking out of their blanket, their sweet little hands and hospital bracelet, a closeup of their beautiful little face. These photos make a great collage for baby's birth announcement. Don't rush it... take your time and take a variety of pics. You may just catch him or her in a cute little stretch, smile or yawn. And yes, even a cry. These are the pics you will cherish looking back at and wishing they were that little again. Lose that pacifier... Pacifiers are great for calming baby, but they just cover up that sweet little face. Just plan on taking pics when the baby has just finished eating or is resting peacefully so you don't have to calm them with a pacifier. Don't forget Mom, Dad and siblings.... you will want to treasure every single moment with your tiny little baby so snuggle up close and get those sweet pics.

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