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Hi, I'm Tara Johnston, founder & owner of Trendy Treehouse. Before children, I obtained my business degree and knew one day that I wanted to be a business owner. Together, my husband and I have been able to achieve that dream with a successful construction business, but with this comes long hours of him being away from home.  We have been blessed with 4 amazing children.  They are our main focus in life.  So having him out of town a lot, was hard and we wanted a change. We took some time looking into what we could do and since I had already had a successful blog following, we thought, why not branch out and start our own little business.  

The Trendy Treehouse brand was born!  With the success of our blog, we knew that we needed to reach out in other social media areas and started really promoting our Instagram account with our new designs in May of 2014.  We invited in some very adorable brand reps and started our journey.  And thanks to all of our supporters, buyers, friends and family, we are on our way to having our family together year round.  No more traveling for daddy!

“We have a very creative family. No grass grows under our feet. I draw my inspirations from our family;  my husband, children and our extended family & friends. I love keeping my mind active, therefore I'm always working on something new.” - Tara

Some things that make us stand out from other brands are our unique designs, all designed by us and an always looking  forward approach. Because we make all of our own items, we can offer more designs than most.  We don’t have to wait for someone to make and ship them to us. We are also able to offer so many more personalized designs that so many of you love and hang on to as family heirlooms. 

Another neat tid bit we have a really fun app! Yes, an app, where you can dress up a little model of your own with clothes that you have designed.  The best part, when you are done creating, just hit the print or share option. You can hang up your own little creations. How fun is that? You have now become a designer as well.  This app now available in the AppStore. Search Trendy Treehouse to find the app! We are constantly working on new designs here in the shop and will update the app as we make them. We love this fun new way to help you become your very own designer. Its all very exciting and we can't wait to see what you come up with.

"Family is so important, and life is meant to live....So we choose to celebrate life by being creative, active and inspired by each other!” - Tara

 We are so thankful that I am able to be a full time Mom, while also bringing you fun designs to show off in your everyday life! Thank you for allowing me to do so.  We look forward to seeing you wearing our brand!


Born 1977, started getting creative 1978, first trip to Disneyland 1980, met her best friend 1982, got her first cabbage patch doll 1983, began sewing 1984, honor roll 1985, found a love of sports 1990, met love of her life 1992, first prom 1993 graduated high school 1995, married 1997, handsome first born, one & only son...( till the Son-in-laws come along!) 1999, beautiful baby girl 2001, another gorgeous baby girl 2003, one more precious baby girl 2004, moved away from her home town 2005, tried out painting 2007, started blogging 2009, last trip to Disneyland 2024, enjoying life 1977-current!


We offer a large variety of CLOTHING for the whole family. Including many bff designs, mommy and me, family vacation tees. Most of these designs are personalized making your event or vacation that much more memorable. One of the things we love making the most is BLANKETS! We love seeing which one of our unique graphics you choose and seeing all the amazing color variations. We have the softest blankets ever. Choose from a customized blanket, a Name Art blanket, Milestone or even one of our exclusive designs. You will want to come back for more. PILLOW CASES are a big hit too. You get to create them just like our blankets. Personalized with your own graphic choices. If you need a car seat cover, we have those as well! We call it the TRENDY COVER. It is the best cover for baby carriers and can even be used for covering up when nursing your babes. Custom TOWELS are flying out of the shop. You will love getting a personalized towel for you babes or as a gift to use at bath time, pool or even at the beach. Our NURSE ME line is becoming one of our most popular lines. It was created to help Mama's share their love and bonding time with their babes. We want to show awareness and normalize breastfeeding. NONY WRAPS are fun wraps for carrying baby with you where ever you go. We even have a MINI NONY WRAP for kids so they can mimic mommy and carry their babies too. We even offer HOUSE BEDS. A fun little bed for your little one to love and play on. The perfect transition from crib to big kid beds. All of our items are made here in the shop with much care and love. We truly enjoy bringing you each and every one of these items. We don't just stop there....we offer so much more. Email us about custom orders. trendytreehouse@me.com

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Currently available in the AppStore. Just search Trendy Treehouse to find it!  Our app will allow you to get you or your little ones to become their own little fashionista.We are very excited to see what you will all come up with and would love for you to share with us what you make. Tag us on instagram #thetrendytreehouseapp so we can share in your fun! 


Tara began writing her blog in December 2009.  Her goal was to share everything she loved to do.  She invited a couple of friends to join her.  Jamie, an amazing momma of 5 and Tara's mom, Denise. They have been busy sharing recipes, DIY projects, photography, reviews, gifts ideas and even hosting exciting giveaways.  In 4 short years, Tara's blog has grown quickly, gained numerous readers and has been contacted by many top chain stores to help them with advertising their store and products. She looks forward to continuing to share on her blog for years to come. You can find blog posts here on the website as we transfer them over from our old blog. Our latest post is always available at the bottom of the website on the left.


My HUSBAND and our four beautiful CHILDREN, family, friends, reading, sewing, CAMPING, hiking, photography, crafts, painting name boards, blogging, DISNEYLAND, our big yard, vintage artwork, magazines, designing, trying NEW THINGS, digital art, pinning, COOKING, relax by the fire watching MOVIES, cozy blankets, traveling, caramel,  volunteering at my kids school, COACHING volleyball and basketball, CHRISTMAS, fixing my girls hair, my iPhone, our home, OWLS, Bike rides with my family and our AMAZING life!

xoxo, Tara